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Back to basics: Simple exercises are a practical, efficient way to boost fitness Read the Article

“Simple, old-school bodyweight exercises — no special equipment needed — can boost cardiorespiratory fitness.” Watch the video made by McMaster University Brighter World to learn how to stay physically active at home.

Dangers of a sedentary COVID-19 lockdown - McMaster Brighter World Read the article

McMaster Brighter World warns of the dangers of physical inactivity and offers advice on how to build and keep muscle during the winter months and beyond.

Take Care Mac - Wellness Guide Read the Guide

This booklet explains how to continue the conversation around the many ways our wellness is influenced by the people, systems, and environment around us, and that how we maintain our well-being will look different for each of us at different times.

Information Box Group

Current Day Procrastination Article on ResearchGate Read More

Learn about how finding personal meaning in your work and regulating your emotions could increase your productivity when studying and reduce procrastination tendancies.

Taking Tiny Breaks - BBC Article Link to Story

By Zaria Gorvett

12th March 2019

If you don’t have time for an hour-long break in your workday, a series of ‘microbreaks’ can also have a powerful effect on your body and your mind.

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